Buru is a light to midweight Euro game. You play nobles sent by the ancient Indonesian Majapahit empire to pay tribute to the spirits of a newly discovered island paradise. Compete for precious resources and the support of local allies to earn their Esteem and secure your role as the ambassador of Buru.

The game features competitive bidding, action selection, engine building, and objective fulfillment, and is highly interactive and tactical.


We have developed Buru to honor the rich history and lavish art of the region, with support from Indonesia-based Ketchup Games and Indonesian artist Enggar Adirasa

The game is language neutral and easy to learn - perfect as a gateway game for family, older kids, and other newcomers to the hobby.

Plus, it's gorgeous!


Split your limited pool of Explorers across five regions of the island, competing with your rivals to win over the people of Buru. 



Win bids to claim the best action spaces. Gather valuable resources, recruit Islanders to your cause, and build an engine for victory.



Pay tribute to the spirits of the island to earn the Esteem of the people. Develop a lasting bond to stand the test of time.


Buru is illustrated by Enggar Adirasa, an Indonesian artist known for his work on Shadowrift, Mistfall, and In the Name of Odin

Art direction and graphic design are provided by Dann May of Quillsilver Studio, who spearheaded the visuals for Everdell, Archmage, and Storm Hollow

All versions of the base game feature wood resource tokens & massive pieces for the Emissary marker and the spirits of Buru.

Upgrade to the exclusive Deluxe Edition for a foiled game box, gold-accented Explorers, over 70 silkscreened resource tokens, and a custom storage insert by Game Trayz.

The Ambelau expansion will be available as a Kickstarter Add On on Day 1.

With your help, Ambelau will be dramatically improved during the Kickstarter. New modules, new components, and more will be added through stretch goals you help us achieve. 

Visit Ambelau

Explore a whole new game board, with new strategies and benefits


Add to Your Party

Recruit local Guides to your party, expanding your tactical options


Honor a New Spirit

Pay tribute to Ibu, the island spirit of life and growth